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Motor graders are incredibly useful pieces of machinery. If you need one, you can find them at a SANY equipment dealer in Kansas City. If you aren’t very familiar with motor graders, you may be surprised to find out the many ways they can be used. Here are just a few examples:

#1 – Road Construction

New roads and highways require long, intense periods of work before the public can use them. One of the most critical phases of construction is completed by a motor grader. A motor grader is used to create a precisely shaped surface suitable for roads. Without them, our roads wouldn’t last as long or work as well.

#2 – Road Grading and Maintenance

For those who don’t know any better, dirt roads often appear to be nothing more than dirt paths. However, dirt roads must be carefully shaped and maintained to remain functional. Motor graders are perhaps the most important tool for the construction of dirt roads and their maintenance.

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#3 – Ground Leveling for Building Construction

Almost any time a building is constructed, the ground has to be cleared and leveled before construction begins. The most effective tool for this purpose is a motor grader. In many cases, even mobile homes and other temporary buildings need the site leveled before they are set in place. A SANY dealer in Kansas City can help you buy or rent the motor grader you need for your next construction project.

Do you need a motor grader from a SANY Dealer in KC? Contact us at STE!

#4 – Creation of Embankments

Farmers often create embankments around their crops to help control water movement and prevent erosion. The most effective tool for creating and maintaining embankments is a motor grader.

#5 – Creation of Drainage Ditches

Those ditches that run alongside the roads and highways near you were also created with a motor grader. You may have even seen one on the side of the road recently.

#6 – Clearing of Snow and Slush from Roads and Highways

After a heavy snow, you may see a motor grader in town or on the highway clearing snow and ice so the road can be used safely again.

State Tractor Equipment Company – SANY Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

At State Tractor Equipment, we are a construction equipment dealer in Kansas City, and we have the heavy equipment you need to get the job done. We sell new and used machinery from SANY and GEHL. Contact us if you are in the market for SANY mini excavators in Kansas City, SANY motor graders in Kansas City, articulated loaders, motor graders, single drum rollers, skid loaders, telehandlers, track loaders, wheel loaders, or other heavy equipment.

If you aren’t ready to buy, we also offer short and long-term rentals of excavators, single drum rollers, motor graders, telehandlers, and wheel loaders.

Visit us at STE in Kansas City to see our equipment inventory in person. You can test drive a machine, meet our team, and discuss rental and purchase options. We are a SANY dealer in KC, and we are here to help you find the equipment you need at a price you can afford.

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