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Regardless of how cold or wet it gets, many construction and maintenance businesses have to keep working. As a SANY equipment dealer in Kansas City, we know how much our clients depend on their equipment to work as it should all year round. The best way to keep your equipment in peak operating condition all winter long is with regular maintenance and inspections.

#1 – Check Oils, Lubricants, and Hydraulic Hoses Regularly

It goes without saying that you need to keep up with scheduled maintenance, but don’t forget to check fluid levels and hydraulic hoses every day as well. Cold temperatures mean that engine, transmission, and hydraulic seals are less pliable when you start your equipment in the morning.

#2 – Use Block Heaters and Battery Chargers

In periods of prolonged temperatures below freezing, consider using block heaters and trickle chargers for batteries. These can ensure you have fewer problems getting started in the mornings and have less downtime.

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#3 – Check Hydraulic Seals

The seals on hydraulic cylinders are critical for maintaining adequate pressure and functionality. Check these seals daily for signs of damage or excessive wear. Identifying hydraulic seal damage early can help reduce the probability of excessive fluid loss and pump damage.

#4 – Maintain Proper Air Pressure in Tires

Temperature changes can severely affect tire pressure, especially after the arrival of a cold front. Check tire pressure daily to avoid operating on under or over-inflated tires. Remember that improperly inflated tires are much more likely to suffer damage and uneven wear.

#5 – Warm Up the Engine to Operating Temperature

When working against a deadline, it may be tempting to jump in and go first thing in the morning. Resist the temptation as much as you can. Operating your equipment under load is not recommended before the engine is at the recommended operating temperature.

Maintenance, inspections, and cold weather care can feel like a nuisance when you have fallen behind schedule, but they are the best way to prevent unnecessary damage and equipment failure. Contact a SANY dealer in Kansas City to schedule any maintenance you need to do.


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