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Transporting Your Heavy Equipment; Safety Tips from a SANY Equipment Dealer in Kansas City — As a SANY equipment dealer in Kansas City, we help construction companies and other business owners find the right equipment to do their jobs safely and efficiently. If you own a construction company, you know that a big job often requires complex coordination of multiple work crews, materials delivery, and heavy equipment transportation. No business, regardless of how successful they are, can afford to ignore important safety regulations and OSHA requirements. With that in mind, we want to share a few tips for transporting your heavy equipment.

Choose the Right Transportation Equipment

Large excavators, drum rollers, and wheel loaders are all oversized and incredibly heavy. The operating weight of a SANY SY500H excavator exceeds 120,000 pounds! When it comes time to transport equipment like this to a new job site, you will need the proper combination of tractor and trailer.

Know the Applicable DOT Regulations

Oversize and overweight loads exceed any of the following specifications:

  • Width of 8.5 feet.
  • Height of 12.5 feet.
  • Length of 48 feet (this varies).
  • Weight of 46,000 pounds.

If your load surpasses any of these specifications, several additional requirements apply to transport it. These may include special permits, signage, escort vehicles, and more. The consequences of improperly transporting heavy and oversized loads include fines and penalties. Do your homework and be aware of any regulations that apply to your load.

SANY Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

In some instances––like when your equipment needs repair––we can assist you in coordinating the transportation of your equipment. Contact State Tractor Equipment––your Kansas City SANY dealer––for more information.

Drive Defensively

Another critical part of transporting heavy equipment safely is the way you drive. Most heavy equipment can’t be transported at the same speed the rest of the vehicles on the road are moving. This often leads to angry or frustrated motorists who don’t understand the complexity of hauling heavy equipment. Don’t lose your patience or react too strongly. A small mistake can lead to an accident, a loose load, and injuries. If hauling heavy loads is too stressful, hire a heavy equipment transportation service to do the transportation work for you.

SANY Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

State Tractor Equipment Company – SANY Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

At State Tractor Equipment, we are a Kansas City SANY dealer and have the heavy equipment you need to get the job done. We sell new and used machinery from SANY and GEHL. Contact us if you are in the market for SANY mini excavators in Kansas City, articulated loaders, motor graders, single drum rollers, skid loaders, telehandlers, track loaders, wheel loaders, or other heavy equipment.

If you are still deciding whether to buy, we also offer short and long-term rentals of SANY excavators in Kansas City, single drum rollers, motor graders, telehandlers, and wheel loaders.

Visit us at STE if you need a construction equipment dealer in Kansas City or to see our equipment inventory in person. You can test drive a machine, meet our team, and discuss rental and purchase options. We are here to help you find the equipment you need at a price you can afford.


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