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The best construction equipment dealer in Springfield can help you buy new equipment and care for it after purchase. In fact, STE is the best place to get reliable hydraulic service in Springfield. If you need the best hydraulic service in Springfield, read these suggestions carefully.

Tip #1 – Find an Experienced Hydraulic Shop

Before choosing a hydraulic shop, make sure they have plenty experience. Ask how long they have been in business and what types of equipment they handle most. An experienced dealer will know how to handle different types of hydraulic systems and can provide valuable insights.

Tip #2 – Research the Dealer’s Reputation

It’s important to research and learn about the reputation of the construction equipment dealer in Springfield. Look for reviews from previous customers and ask around for recommendations. A reputable dealer will have positive reviews and satisfied customers who can vouch for their services.

Construction Equipment Dealer in Springfield

Tip #3 – Ask Your Construction Equipment Dealer in Springfield About the Warranty or Guarantee

The best hydraulic service is guaranteed. Before choosing a dealer, ask about their warranty or guarantee policy. This will give you peace of mind that your equipment is protected.

Tip #4 – Look for Quality Customer Service

A good construction equipment dealer in Springfield should have excellent customer service. They should be responsive to your needs and inquiries and provide timely solutions. Consider reading reviews or asking for referrals to ensure you choose a dealer with excellent customer service.

Tip #5 – Consider the Price

While quality is important, cost also plays a factor. Look for a construction equipment dealer in Springfield that offers reasonable prices without compromising the quality of their hydraulic services.

Tip #6 – Check for Certification

When looking for a hydraulic service provider, ensure they have the necessary certifications. This ensures they have the knowledge and expertise to handle different hydraulic systems.

Tip #7 – Choose a Dealer with a Wide Range of Services

Choose a construction equipment dealer in Springfield that offers various services. From sales, installations, and repairs to maintenance and parts replacements, you’ll have everything you need under one roof.

Tip #8 – Ask for Recommendations

If you know other construction equipment owners, ask for their recommendations on the best hydraulic service provider in Springfield. They may have firsthand experience and can provide valuable insights.

Tip #9 – Ask About Insurance Coverage

Accidents can happen, so choose a hydraulic service provider with insurance coverage. This will protect both you and the dealer in case of any mishaps during service.

Tip #10 – Ask Your Construction Equipment Dealer in Springfield About Turnaround Time

Time is money, especially in the construction industry. Make sure to ask about the turnaround time for hydraulic services. A reliable dealer should be able to provide quick and efficient service without sacrificing quality.

Tip #11 – Look for Modern and Advanced Equipment

To ensure the best hydraulic service in Springfield, choose a dealer with modern equipment. This will ensure efficient and effective servicing of your equipment.

Tip #12 – Inquire About a Maintenance Plan at Your Construction Equipment Dealer in Springfield

Preventative maintenance is vital to prolonging the lifespan of your construction equipment. Ask the dealer about maintenance plans to ensure routine check-ups and timely repairs.

Construction Equipment Dealer in Springfield

Tip #13 – Check for OEM Parts Availability

Using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts is crucial to maintaining the quality and performance of your construction equipment.

State Tractor Equipment Company – Hydraulic Service in Springfield

At State Tractor Equipment, we are a hydraulic hose shop in Springfield and Kansas City. We sell new and used machinery from SANY and GEHL. Contact us if you are in the market for excavators, articulated loaders, motor graders, single drum rollers, skid loaders, telehandlers, track loaders, wheel loaders, or other heavy equipment.

If you are still deciding whether to buy, we also offer short and long-term rentals of excavators, single drum rollers, motor graders, telehandlers, wheel loaders, and mini excavators.

Visit us at STE if you need hydraulic hoses in Springfield or want to see our equipment inventory in person. You can test drive a machine, meet our team, and discuss rental and purchase options. We are here to help you find the equipment you need at a price you can afford.

Construction Equipment Dealer in Springfield

State Tractor and Equipment Company Inc.

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Kansas City, KS 66102