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The next time you need hydraulic service in Springfield or hydraulic hose repair in Springfield, we want to help. The best way to ensure you get exactly what you need is by making a concerted effort to understand the ins and outs of hydraulic systems and hydraulic hose construction. To get started, here are some essential hydraulic system terms you need to understand.

Term #1 – Accumulator

An accumulator is a device on a hydraulic system that stores and releases energy. It absorbs pressure and helps stabilize the system, ensuring smooth operation. It also reduces wear on components by allowing instantaneous changes in load speed.

Term #2 – Filter

A filter is an element that keeps contaminants out of a pressurized system. Filters need to be replaced routinely and after any major system repair.

Hydraulic Service in Springfield

Term #3 – Pressure Rating

A pressure rating is the operating pressure required for optimal hydraulic system performance. Many systems have a minimum pressure for effective operation, a maximum pressure (which should never be exceeded), and an optimal pressure rating.

Term #4 – Fluid Reservoir – Hydraulic Service in Springfield

A fluid reservoir is a container used in hydraulic systems to store hydraulic fluid. Most systems require a reservoir to ensure the system never runs dry while in operation.

Term #5 – Hydraulic Quick Couplers in Springfield

Hydraulic quick couplers are connectors that allow for rapidly connecting and disconnecting hydraulic components. They provide a secure connection while allowing fast removal when servicing or replacing components.

Term #6 – Hydraulic Hoses in Springfield

A hydraulic hose is a flexible piece of tubing manufactured from rubber or synthetic material. Hydraulic hose is designed to manage high operating pressures, unlike standard oil and fuel hoses, which are not designed for high-pressure applications.

Term #7 – Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauges are essential for monitoring your hydraulic system’s condition and preventing damage resulting from improper pressure levels. Check your pressure gauges every time you have hydraulic service in Springfield.

Term #8 – Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic cylinder is a device for converting fluid pressure into mechanical force. It’s a large piston that uses pressurized fluid to move the cylinder and create linear motion.

Hydraulic Service in Springfield

Term #9 – Pressure Relief Valve – Hydraulic Service in Springfield

A pressure relief valve is used to limit system pressure under certain conditions, preventing damage from overpressure.

Term #10 – Pilot Pressure

Pilot pressure is the minimum fluid pressure level needed to activate a hydraulic system. This minimum pressure must be maintained for the system to remain operational.

Term #11 – Flow Control Valve

Flow control valves regulate and limit the flow of hydraulic fluid through a system. This helps maintain the proper pressure levels and prevent mechanical damage.

Term #12 – Hydraulic Intensifier

A hydraulic intensifier is a device that increases the power of a pressurized system by increasing pressure without increasing the flow rate. This helps ensure maximum efficiency for any given task.

Hydraulic Service in Springfield

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Term #13 – Relief Valve

A relief valve provides protection from over-pressurization of the system. It releases excessive pressure that could otherwise damage components or cause a malfunction.

Term #14 – Hydraulic Pump – Hydraulic Service in Springfield

A hydraulic pump converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, pumping fluid throughout the system to power actuators and other components.

Term #15 – Solenoid

A solenoid is an electrically operated valve that controls the flow of hydraulic fluid in a closed hydraulic system. Most modern solenoids are engaged by directing electrical current through a coil. In hydraulic systems, solenoids control the direction and pressure of hydraulic fluid.

Term #16 – Hydraulic Motor

A hydraulic motor is a device that converts hydraulic pressure into mechanical motion. It’s an important component of many industrial machines, providing reliable and powerful operation.

Term #17 – Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic fluid is an oil designed to provide lubrication and power in hydraulic systems. It helps keep components from becoming overly hot, reducing wear and tear and ensuring smooth operation. Fluid changes are part of routine hydraulic service in Springfield.

Hydraulic Service in Springfield

Term #18 – Hydraulic Fitting

Hydraulic fittings are connectors that allow hydraulic components to be securely connected. These helps ensure a safe and reliable connection, preventing leakage or accidental disconnection.

Term #19 – Hydraulic Hose Repair – Hydraulic Service in Springfield

Hydraulic hose repair is the process of repairing a broken or damaged hydraulic hose. This includes replacing worn parts, sealing leaks, and cleaning the hose to ensure proper performance. In many cases, this requires special tools and equipment, so it’s best to consult a professional if your hydraulic hoses need attention.

Term #20 – Hydraulic Adapter

Hydraulic adapters are connectors used to join two hydraulic components together. They can be used to connect hoses, couplers, and other hydraulic parts, creating a secure connection between different-sized components.

Term #21 – Viscosity Index

The Viscosity index is a measure of the fluid’s resistance to flow, and it changes depending on the temperature. A higher viscosity index indicates that the oil will remain more viscous over a wider range of temperatures, which is vital for ensuring reliable operation in varying conditions.

Term #22 – Hydraulic Service in Springfield

Hydraulic service is the maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems. This can include anything from replacing worn components to performing routine inspections and repairs. Many local businesses provide hydraulic service in Springfield, so it’s important to research when selecting a company for your needs.

Term #23 – Check Valve

A check valve is a device that allows fluid to flow in one direction and prevents it from flowing in the opposite direction. It’s commonly used to prevent backflow in hydraulic systems, ensuring that fluid only flows where intended.

Hydraulic Service in Springfield

Term #24 – Safety Valves

Safety valves are designed to protect systems from excess pressure and temperature levels that could damage components or cause safety hazards. They are typically set to trip at a certain pressure or temperature level, allowing the system to shut down safely before damage can occur.

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