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A professional construction equipment dealer in Kansas City can help you with more than equipment sales. They can also help you care for your equipment after purchase. Follow these maintenance and service tips from your SANY equipment dealer in Kansas City.


Maintenance Tip #1 – Schedule Regular Maintenance

Extend the lifespan of heavy of your equipment by establishing a regular schedule for SANY service in Kansas City. This proactive approach helps identify minor issues before they escalate into major, costly equipment failures.


Maintenance Tip #2 – Follow the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule

Every piece of heavy equipment comes with a manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule that outlines when and what services are needed. These guidelines ensure that the machinery operates efficiently and warranty coverage remains valid.


Maintenance Tip #3 – Use Original or Quality Aftermarket Parts

Genuine or high-quality aftermarket parts guarantee compatibility and can prevent malfunctions or damage. Always ask your service technician what parts they intend to use and be firm about choosing the highest quality parts available.


Maintenance Tip #4 – Hire an Experienced Technician – Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

Certified technicians with experience in your specific type of heavy equipment can identify problems that others might miss. Their expertise ensures that maintenance or repairs are performed correctly. Don’t put your investment in the hands of a shade-tree mechanic.


Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

Maintenance Tip #5 – Clean Regularly

Dirt, debris, and other contaminants can wreak havoc on your excavator, front-end loader, or motor grader. Regular cleanings, including the undercarriage, can prevent rust, corrosion, and wear.


Maintenance Tip #6 – Check Fluid Levels Routinely

Regular fluid checks and timely replacement of engine oil, hydraulic fluids, coolant, and other necessary liquids are crucial. Don’t burn up your engine, transmission, or hydraulic system because you failed to identify insufficient fluid levels.


Maintenance Tip #7 – Inspect for Leaks – Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

Oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid leaks are red flags. Frequent inspections for oil, fuel, or hydraulic fluid leaks can pinpoint potential failures in seals or gaskets, enabling timely repairs.


Maintenance Tip #8 – Monitor and Maintain Tire or Track Health

Tires and tracks bear the brunt of heavy loads and rugged terrain. Monitoring their condition, ensuring proper tire inflation, and maintaining correct tension for tracks can improve traction and efficiency and reduce premature wear.


Maintenance Tip #9 – Test Batteries

Dead or weak batteries are a common cause of downtime. Regular testing and cleaning of battery terminals to prevent corrosion can ensure your equipment starts when needed.


Maintenance Tip #10 – Train Operators Properly

Well-trained operators not only work more efficiently but can also recognize early signs of equipment issues. Comprehensive training programs should cover operation, basic troubleshooting, and the importance of maintenance.


Maintenance Tip #11 – Use Technology – Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

Leverage technology like telematics systems to monitor equipment performance, usage, and maintenance needs in real time. This data can help optimize maintenance schedules and improve overall equipment management.


Maintenance Tip #12 – Keep Detailed Maintenance Records

Detailed records of services, repairs, and inspections can provide valuable insights into the actual condition of your equipment. This documentation will help you plan maintenance, identify recurring issues, and increase resale value.


Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

Maintenance Tip #13 – Prioritize Safety Inspections

Regular safety checks are an integral part of your maintenance routine. Safety features like alarms, lights, and emergency shut-offs are designed to prevent accidents and injuries.


Maintenance Tip #14 – Monitor Equipment Performance – Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

A decrease in performance indicators such as fuel consumption and power output can help you identify problems before they become severe.


Maintenance Tip #15 – Implement Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive maintenance software helps operators and equipment owners avoid oversights and ensure timely maintenance.


Maintenance Tip #16 – Consider Operator Comfort

Basic comforts like ergonomic seats and well-designed controls can reduce fatigue and improve operator performance. This can also contribute to the longevity of your equipment by promoting efficient operation.


Maintenance Tip #17 – Protect Electrical Systems

Inspect and maintain your equipment’s electrical wiring and components during system inspections. Electrical failures can lead to major operational disruptions and safety hazards.


Maintenance Tip #18 – Schedule Downtime – Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

Plan and schedule equipment downtime for maintenance during off-peak seasons to minimize the impact on productivity.


Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City 


Maintenance Tip #19 – Update Equipment Software Regularly

If your equipment relies on a particular software, ensure you regularly update it to its latest version. These updates can improve functionality, efficiency, and security.


Maintenance Tip #20 – Ask Operators for Feedback

Operators are typically the first people to identify system problems. Create a channel for routine communication between operators and maintenance crews.


Maintenance Tip #21 – Perform Undercarriage Inspections

Frequent undercarriage inspections can catch issues like misalignment or excessive wear before they turn into costly repairs. This is especially critical for track-type equipment, where the undercarriage is a major component.


Maintenance Tip #22 – Store Your Equipment Properly – Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

Storing equipment in a dry, sheltered environment can prevent unnecessary degradation from the elements. This is particularly important for sensitive components like electronics and hydraulics.


Maintenance Tip #23 – Follow Load Limits

Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended load limits prevents undue stress on equipment, prolonging its life and preventing accidents.


Maintenance Tip #24 – Replace Filters Regularly

Regular replacement of air, fuel, and oil filters can prevent contaminants from damaging engines and other vital components.


Maintenance Tip #25 – Monitor Equipment Temperature

Keep an eye on equipment temperatures to prevent overheating, which can lead to engine damage or failure. Ensure cooling systems are functioning correctly.


Maintenance Tip #26 – Lubricate Moving Parts

Proper lubrication reduces friction and wear on moving parts, extending the life of your equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication schedules and products.


Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City 

Maintenance Tip #27 – Check for Wear and Tear – Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

Regularly inspect equipment for signs of wear and tear, including cracks, dents, and any deformation. Early detection can prevent these issues from escalating into major failures.


Maintenance Tip #28 – Avoid Overworking Equipment

Pushing equipment beyond its limits can significantly reduce its lifespan. Use the right equipment for the job and adhere to operational guidelines.


Maintenance Tip #29 – Use Equipment Correctly

Misuse can lead to damages not covered by warranties and significantly increase repair costs. Training and periodic reviews of equipment operation manuals are essential.


Maintenance Tip #30 – Reinforce Safety Protocols

Ensuring that all safety protocols are followed can prevent accidents and reduce the likelihood of damage to the equipment. This includes the correct use of all safety guards and devices.


Construction Equipment Dealer in Kansas City

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